i am often asked for books or resources that i would recommend in regard to certain topics. below is a partial list. i would encourage anyone to read at least one book from this list on each topic. feel free to inquire about any others.

[click on titles for links]

christian basics


the gospel



the church

spiritual disciplines/christian growth

devotional reading


  • “the swan’s are not silent” biography series- john piper
    the current four volumes are:

1.) the legacy of sovereign joy: god’s triumphant grace
in the lives of augustine, luther, and calvin

2.)the hidden smile of god: the fruit of affliction
in the lives of john bunyan, william cowper, and david brainerd

3.)the roots of endurance: invincible perseverance
in the lives of john newton, charles simeon, and william wilberforce

4.) contending for our all: defending truth and treasuring christ
in the lives of athanasius, john owen, and j. gresham machen

church history



gender issues


because i am southern baptist, here are some excellent resources in baptists studies:

  • love and thunder – andrew peterson
  • behold the lamb of god – andrew peterson
  • the hymnal – randall goodgame
  • she must and shall go free – derek webb
  • the house show – derek webb
  • the builder and the architect – sandra mccracken
  • -music from indelible grace
    – music from red mountain church

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