“train yourself for godliness…”

it has been about a year and a half since i have written anything on this blog, but i wanted to write a post that had several resources on it so i could have one post on facebook, as opposed to posting a lot of links on separate posts.

at fbc fulton, we have spent a couple of weeks looking at paul’s admonition to timothy to “train [or “discipline”] yourself for godliness.”. he then goes on to say that he should teach these things to others. so the biblical admonition to train ourselves for growth in godliness is not just for timothy, or pastors – but for every christian. this is further solidified by passages such as

with the start of a new year, i know a lot of people have made or renewed a commitment to be more intentional when it comes to the spiritual disciplines of bible intake, prayer, scripture memory, etc. and so i wanted to post a few links here that i have found to be helpful.

these first few are apps that you can use on your smart phone or tablet to help you stay organized and on track…

prayermate is an app that allows you to create, categorize, and track your prayer requests. you can tailor it however you want it. i especially like how you can download prayers for yourself, from scripture, from missions organizations, etc.

scripture typer is an excellent app to help you with scripture memory. think of it as a virtual flash card. you pick the scripture you want to memorize, the translation, and the frequency with which you want to review them- and the app does the rest. there is really no reason *not* to get this app. we all have 2 to 5 minutes period in our days where we are waiting for someone/ something – and we could use those few minutes to memorize scripture!

ask pastor john is an app that is incredibly helpful in helping you learn to think biblically with over 1,000 episodes already recorded and 3 new ones per week, just about any topic you can think of is or will be covered from a trusted pastor and bible teacher.

other helpful resources: 1 link and 3 books
a list of bible reading plans – from the very ambitious (10 chapters a day!) to the much more manageable and less intimidating

5 things every christian needs to grow

habits of grace

the pursuit of god

i hope that some or all of these resources will help you grow closer to christ and deeper in his word this year!