i haven’t posted much here in a while, but wanted to get this “christmas card” out,and needed somewhere to put it, so here we are!
feel free to look around the blog while you’re here!

Dear Family & Friends,

Merry Christmas! We hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the Christmas Season and the end of 2013!
As most of you know, 2013 brought with it a *lot* of changes for us. At the end of May we moved to Fulton, KY., where Stephen was called to be the pastor of First Baptist Church. Fulton is located right on the Kentucky/ Tennessee state line – part of our community (Fulton) is in KY., and the other part, South Fulton, is in Tennessee!

Moving meant looking for a house. The Lord was so gracious to provide an amazing house for us that we found after looking for ONE DAY! It is the perfect house for our family and the kids loved it immediately! We have a guest room and plenty of space, so if you are ever in our area, please let us know!(We are only 15 minutes from the brand new Discovery Park of America theme park in Union City, TN.)

Moving also meant new schools for the kids. Charlie is in 1st grade and is doing great! He was recently chosen to be one of only 16 students in all of K-12th grade who, because of their reading skills, get to go to Murray State University to pick out books for their school’s libraries! He has made a lot of friends at school, and his “best friend” from his classroom actually lives right across the street from our house! He is also playing in a basketball fundamentals league at school this winter.

Piper loves preschool! She has made a lot of friends as well and is regularly planning “social events” with them. She is also taking dance (ballet and tap) as well as gymnastics. She had her first recital this past week and did a fantastic job! She really loves it and all of her friends from dance/ gymnastics as well as preschool and church.

Things at FBC have been very busy, but very exciting! In September, and after nearly two years of the church having services in the gym and in the Family Life Center, we moved into the brand new sanctuary! After a couple months of preaching on some fundamental things, Stephen is currently preaching through the Gospel of Mark. In addition to all of the responsibilities that come with being pastor at FBC, he is also still involved withBiblical Thinking, a radio show and podcast with our friend Brandon Porter.

Christi is very active in the church as well, being plugged into the Women’s Ministry (she is currently leading a weekly book study), Choir, and childcare ministries. Our family has been blessed by the church family at FBC, being welcomed and embraced by the people here and are already enjoying so many wonderful relationships within the church and in the community. Please pray that the Lord would use us to do mighty things here for the fame of His name, the salvation of the lost, and the strengthening of His church.

We pray that this Christmas Season finds you reflecting regularly on the great love and grace of our mighty God in sending His Son, Jesus Christ, so that we could have our sins forgiven and our relationship with God restored, so that we could have everlasting peace and joy rooted in Him. We hope and pray that you and your families would join with us as we pray that the Lord would increase our affections for Him and loosen our grip on the things of this world that ultimately will not matter. Being a follower of Christ is more than church attendance, religious deeds and activities, even more than “believing in God” or “being a good person”. It is embracing the truth that the good news of salvation is not what we do for God, but rather it is all about what He has done for us in Christ. Our only hope is Jesus, and we desire, not to simply be with Him when we die, but that we would enjoy Him even now as we live. That is our prayer for you as well! Merry Christmas!!!


stephen,   christi,    charlie,    &   piper