this blog was started in 2005 during what seemed to be an unending bout with insomnia. i began writing just to try and empty my mind of the thoughts that kept me awake all of the time. the only people i knew of that were reading at that time were some family members and a handful of friends. as time went by i found out through various means that my readership was much larger than i thought (that is not to say it was enormous, just a lot more than i realized).

it was at this point that i started writing  about or linking to various topics that i thought would help the typical “person in the pew” navigate through this world with a gospel centered world view.

when i started this blog, i was in seminary working a 2nd shift job that afforded me a lot of time on line and to write. i was also married, but with no kids. over 7 yrs. later, i am a full time pastor with 2 children, and i also teach a systematic theology class at a local christian school. my time is limited and i just don’t have the opportunity to post regularly anymore.

i have also recently began co-hosting a radio broadcast called”biblical thinking”. after its weekly broadcast, it is made available on the website, biblical ,and also on itunes as a podcast.  in a lot of ways, the radio show has become a continuation of the purposes i had in mind for this blog. so please feel free to check out biblical thinking for new and previous episodes!

that said, i didnt want to take down this blog, because from time to time i hear that people still use some of the resources on it. and i may come across a topic that i really want to address from time to time. so i will keep the blog online and may even write new posts from time to time,but it certainly won’t be with any kind of “regularity”.

so for you long time readers – thanks for hanging in there with me for all of these years… keep the lowercase bookmarked and check back every now and again for something new.

if you are new here, there are nearly 350 posts and resources for you to look through and interact with (i am still notified of any comments – even on very old posts).

thanks again for stopping by…