chick-fil-geddon 8-1-12

its the day after chick-fil-a day. literally hundreds of thousands were willing to inconvenience themselves, interrupt their schedules, give money, stand in long lines and then spend a lot of time in person and online to talk to friends, co-workers, & family about why they were doing what they were doing, why they believed what they believed, and why they should too.

i can’t help but wonder about what our church gatherings will look like this coming sunday morning. will we all make that same commitment to our churches so that we can promote the gospel of jesus christ in our own lives, homes, communities and world- for something of infinitely more worth  (as important as it is) than the current cultural debate over supporting certain businesses with certain views? (any christians out there drink starbucks, eat ben & jerry’s ice cream, drink pepsi products, or wear nike apparel? you might want to check certain organizations they support- then again,maybe not if you like to eat,wear clothes,or drive cars)

when we gather with our churches, will there be a sense of purpose and excitement? a sense of “what we are doing matters!!”? will there be that same resolve, that it is worth any (so called) sacrifice to be there? will we understand the weight and gravity of gathering as god’s people to worship him in spirit and truth, to celebrate who he is and what he has done, is doing and has promised to do – to glory in our lord and redeemer?

or will we be be too busy, and cling too tightly to our time, money,resources, and/ or convenience. will we not talk to those around us because of what they might think, or support the one institution that our lord himself founded and promised to use for the spread of his kingdom? lets answer this question without flinching – not just by our words and facebook statuses , but by our actions.

i love chick-fil-a  – especially a #1 w/ cheese & no pickle,dr.pepper w/ no ice,and polynesian sauce for my fries, please.
and don’t get me started on those banana pudding milkshakes…
[uncle jesse]” have mercy” [/uncle jesse] .
at one point in my life, i would have been called “obsessive” about it. (that is, if driving almost an way just to get to the closest chick-fil-a is”obsessive” *rolls eyes*.)

i support the owners right to have his opinion and voice it. i agree with his view on biblical marriage. and i want to make to sure that you understand, i don’t think that going to chick-fil-a yesterday was wrong. but it burdens me to see and hear of so many self- identified christians so freely express their outrage over the way chick-fil-a has been portrayed, change their schedules, go to so much trouble, endure long lines, etc. to eat a meal there, but for some of those same people  there is so little enthusiasm for christ’s church and his gospel.

the excuses flow like ketchup over waffle fries – the services are too long, our family’s schedules are too full with ball games, practices, lessons, etc. we can’t “add” something else like church to their week. sundays are our only days to rest, so staying home is what we need more than worship, instruction,fellowship and encouragement that a local church provides.

“my personality doesn’t allow me to feel comfortable to talk to others about jesus” or “they might think im pushy,closed minded, a religious nut, etc.”  or “i love jesus,but that doesn’t mean i have to talk about  him all of the time”. what about “i don’t have to say much, i show that i’m a christian by the way i live”. (when was the last time, by the way, that someone was converted because they saw you not gamble, not drink a beer, or not say a curse word?)

“i’m scared i don’t know enough to answer someone’s questions.” that one can be a valid concern, but why not share what we *do* know,and if we are truly saved, we know enough to share how others can be too. i doubt we all knew all of the ins and outs of cfa’s positions and decisions re: same sex marriage, but we spoke up for them, supported them, and went there anyway. some of us even did reserach to find out more so we could better defend the position. sounds an awful like “bible study”to me!

is it because the current chick-fil-a flap is more socially acceptable (even “cool” in christian circles) than pursuing holiness and living in light of the gospel each day, seeking to make christ known? is it because chick-fil-a doesn’t require much from us once the money/food exchange has taken place, but the church is always asking us to commit long term? why do we seem to get more committed to a restaurant and its reputation that the glory and reputation of christ?

i really like chick-fil-a and i hope you do too (banana pudding milkshakes!!!) but when the world sees us get up and get going to show our enthusiasm and support for a restaurant/cause, but never sees us get that excited and vocal about the gospel, then they begin to wonder what matters more to us – a restaurant and its “political” stance, or the one we call lord.

that should shame us.

and then it should drive us back to the gospel, that reminds that as prone to wander as our hearts are, if we seek him, we will find him, if we seek him with all of our heart. if we draw near to him, he will draw near to us. if we delight ourselves in him, he will give us the desire of our heart (which at that point will be more of him)

let us be those who have tasted and seen that he is good. and may the world know we are not talking about a chicken sandwich.

maybe this church does go to such great lengths to promote the gospel as much as they do chick-fil-a… i hope so..