if you choose to go to chick-fil-a today, remember a few things:

1.) cfa did not organize this “appreciation day”. though i am sure that they are glad for this business, remember that they are not perpetuating an “us vs. them” mentality, so we don’t need to do that either.

2.) they are very likely to be slammed *all day* today, so be extra patient with the ones who are almost always so pleasant when they *serve* us.

3.) those who have chosen not to go (today, or any day), are our ‘neighbors’, and if you are a follower of christ, your lord has called you to love your neighbor, even when you disagree with them, and even if they insult you or your motives. love, even when it doesn’t endorse certain behaviors, still seeks the good (christ) for others. let’s not lose the war for making the gospel of jesus known over a battle for a chicken restaurant owned by “one of us”.

4.) finally, as you eat your meal (cfa or otherwise) may the flavor, satisfaction and fulfillment it brings draw our hearts and minds to remember to “taste and see that the lord is good” (ps. 34:8)