well, these wont really be book reviews. more like a list of books read in 2011…maybe ill get back to reviewing them at some point. as always, my having read a book is not necessary an endorsement of the book or author.sometimes i will read authors/books that i disagree with to learn more about their position, why they think in such a way, etc. with that said, here are the books i read in 2011…

  1. jayber crow by wendell berry
  2. a praying life by paul miller
  3. tortured for christ by robert wurmbrand
  4. mere churchianity by michael spencer (already reviewed here)
  5. under the overpass by mike yankowski (already(reviewed here)
  6. of mice & men– john steinbeck
  7. tempted & tried – russelld. moore
  8. radical together – david platt
  9. unquenchable flame – michael reeves
  10. tuesdays with morrie – mitch albom
  11. according to plan – grahame goldsworthy
  12. sticky teams – larry osborne
  13. whitfield – arnold dallimore
  14. surprised by grace – tullian tchvidjian
  15. preaching in the holy spirit – albert martin
  16. to kill a mockingbird – harper lee
  17. how good is good enough – andy stanley
  18. don’t call it a comeback – edited by kevin deyoung
  19. north or be eaten – andrew peterson
  20. am i really a christian – mike mckinley 
  21. ablaze with his glory – del fehsenfeld jr.