“now that song will be stuck in *your* head all day long now, too…*

disclaimer: i received this book for free from waterbrook multnomah publishing group for this review

radical together by david platt

radical together picks up where platt’s first book, radical (see review here), left off. hoping to motivate people within churches to work together for the cause of getting the gospel to the nations, platt offers more insight, scripture, and personal stories to inspire and motivate god’s people, in god’s spirt, with god’s word to reach the nations for god’s glory.

if you havent’ read the first book, radical, you should start there first, as it provides the vision, framework, and explanation which is necessary to appreciate radical together. still, this book fleshes out some areas that needed it and helps put a local church backdrop to this radical (which is actually just a much more biblical than we are used to) lifestyle.