this time of year, many christians are quick to point out how the true meaning of easter is overshadowed by bunnies, eggs, and other trivial marketing ploys. sadly, this is true. even more than christmas, the true meaning of the holiday is buried underneath marketing, cultural expressions, and overall ignorance.
so as believers, we should do our best to spread the true message of easter, with love and grace in our tactics, within our families and circles of influence.

of course, at the very center of the meaning of easter is jesus and the cross that he died on.

if you are a christian, would you agree with these two statements?

1.) the image of  the cross, that we are so thankful for, reminds us of the brutal and horrible execution of our savior jesus christ and the great cost of our salvation.

2.) jesus is our lord and god, worthy of utmost reverence, awe, and worship.

*i’ll give you a moment to answer*

if so… can you still, in awe, reverence, and without disrespect buy or eat one of these?

what, no jellybean coated “empty tomb”???

can you imagine putting a chocolate electric chair, syringe, or noose in your child’s easter basket? do you think god would have been more pleased if the israelites had made a chocolate calf instead of a golden one?

how can we, with straight faces, call on the world around us to take the gospel seriously when we buy (or “christian retailers” sell/ make money off of) these things? the world will never take the message of the gospel seriously if it sees the gospel’s messengers treating its subject so thoughtlessly.

is anyone going to go to hell for eating a chocolate cross or jesus?  no.

but is it tacky, a shameless marketing gimmick, and belittling to the murdered and risen savior and the great cost by which he bought our salvation? absolutely.

when jesus said “take and eat, this is my body…” this is not at all what he meant.