i enjoy sports. i enjoying playing them, watching them, and talking about them. i am a lifelong st. louis cardinal fan. i root for tennessee football. and in march i usually fill out a bracket and follow the action rooting for kentucky to lose early on.
there’s nothing wrong with a christian enjoying sports/ favorite teams and  being excited when they do well. lets just make sure that our enthusiasm for the lord and his gospel doesn’t pale in comparison to our enthusiasm over a sport or game that will matter nothing in eternity.


how does your enthusiasm for him and his gospel compare to your enthusiasm over a game or seeding? it speaks volumes when we can talk over and over again, with enthusiasm, (even with strangers or casual acquaintances) about sports, but rarely, if ever, speak with any enthusiasm about christ and his gospel to those same people, if it all.


the world is watching and listening. what will they see and hear as they do? who or what will they see as uppermost in our affections?