i am working on a post that is getting more detailed than i planned. so until it is ready, i wanted to share with you a few blogs that i frequent daily, in hopes that you will check them out as well.

some of these may at times discuss issues you don’t relate to or care about, but it will make you more well-rounded and better educated if you are at least aware of what it is being discussed. some are more “brainy” than others. and some you may just pick and choose what you want to read. but here are four blogs that i check almost daily.

justin taylor – “between two worlds”- faith, books, & culture
if i only check one blog a day, this is it. justin’s blog is a one stop shop for most of the highlights of what is going on in the evangelical world. some things may not grab the attention of the average “person in the pew”, but a lot of it will. one of the best i know of.  i met j.t. last year and he is an extremely gracious and humble person. i benefit greatly from his blog.

zach nielson – “take your vitamin ‘z’ ” –
zach’s blog is the “calvin and hobbes” to justin taylor’s “dilbert” (this has nothing to do with their personalities for the record!) while a lot of people love dilbert, not everyone relates to it. but those who do can’t get enough. calvin and hobbes on the other hand appeals to a much broader audience who appreciate it on all different levels. this is certainly no slight on j.t. (hey- i put him first on purpose!) his blog has a different thing going on which is perfect for his blog. but when i think “which blog would i point people in my church to stay up on current events from a christian perspective without losing them sometimes in more academic topics”, z’s blog is one of two. the other is…

tim challies
challies blog in a lot of ways is the standard for blog success. he is one of the “powerhouse” blogs because he gets out so much information that is relevant, engaging, and easily accessible. while he does post longer entries, one of the delights of his blog is his daily “a la carte” which is usually 5 or 6 links to other sites with great content. one of the things i look forward to each morning.

amy scott – “amy’s humble musings”
amy lives in ky. like my family and i do, and it would be awesome to meet her and simply tell her “thank you” for all of the ways she has encouraged me or helped me think in a way i wouldn’t otherwise. i don’t know if i am the only pastor or male who reads her blog- but i sure hope i’m not. amy’s writing is superb in its unblushing honesty and *will* leave you either laughing hysterically, silently stunned, crying with tears of joy or empathy, or just leave you saying, “yes”. i am all the time asking my wife, “did you read amy’s blog today?” if i could get every christian wife/mother i know to read this i would. but she also encourages me.

i hope one or more of these blogs will help supplement (not replace!) your walk with the lord [bible study, prayer, worship, etc.] as they challenge and equip you to love the lord with your heart, soul, *mind* and strength!