when i first started this blog it was because i had insomnia and couldnt sleep. overtime a lot more people were reading it than i had realized, so i used it as a platform to spread information, provoke thought, etc.

life is a lot different now than it was in 2005. when i started blogging i was newly married, no kids, not yet pastoring, and worked a part-time job that provided over 25 hrs. a week of time online that gave plenty of time to write.

now christi and i have 2 kids, i am pastoring full-time,  which brings with it preparation for 2 full sermons, 1 bible study hour and a sunday school class each week- not to mention counseling sessions, visits, and other meetings. i am not complaining at all- i love my “job”, but my schedule is much different to say the least.

i still enjoy writing when i have the time. i had 3 or 4 writings published in national magazines this past year and hope to do more of that. and i need to keep writing/blogging for the  discipline of it. so starting in the new year i plan to be writing here more regularly.

in regard to reading/books, instead of setting a high goal of books to read for next year, i am thinking i will try something a little different, but equally, if not more beneficial. next year. so instead of doing something like “36 books”, i will try to read through large and multiple volume works that i just haven’t been able to get to because i was trying to read a large number of books. i am looking forward to that and will keep you updated here with what i am reading.

as always, this blog is not about me trying to convince anyone that what i am doing is “important”. rather i hope that it is a tool to encourage you, challenge you (and me!), and maybe expose you to some books, authors, ideas, events, etc. that you might not otherwise know about or be interested in.

thanks again for coming by. i am looking forward to the new year and what the lord will bring with it…