here are books 19-24. i have 7 weeks to get 12 books in. i dont know if i am going to be able to do that or not, but i do have 3 periods of time in those 7 weeks where i could get some extended reading time in, so we’ll see. making my “secret goal” of 40 books is looking less and less likely. (although i did just get prescription reading glasses… so with my new super powers, maybe there is still a chance)

you can change – tim chester
i am going to be be really honest here and say that though i did read this book, i readit over 3 months ago and i can only say that as i read i caught myself going “hmmm” several times and underlining several things. i would recommend it for those who want to look at what is actually behind the process of sanctification and what makes our wheels turn as we actually become more liek christ. but if you are right in the middle of something and want a quick read to help you ou t immeidately, this isnt really written for that. (in my opinion)

the pursuit of holiness – jerry bridges
this is an excellent book that, if i could, would make required reading for every christian in the world. too often we stop pursuing holiness and just assume we are doing enough or assume we can never do enough so we stop trying. we may even find somewhere in between. but this book is a call to pick up the mantle of holiness that we are called to as christians. i dont know how he does it, but bridges somehow is able to write in a clear and convicting manner without crossing the lines into legalism. a definite must read that will eave you challeneged and encouraged.

the walk – stephen smallman
this book was written to be used while discpling someone new to the faith- or maybe even just interested in it. written in very clear language and avoiding religious jargon this book is an excellent intro into the essentials of the christian faith and a great building block for growth in the life of a new believer or one who has grown frsutarted or weary by their lack of growth.

the archer and the arrow – phillip jensen and paul grimmond
a book on preaching for preachers that is challenging and encouraging. this would make an excellent gift for any pastor. it is not so much a specific “how to preach”book as much as it is a thoughtful discussion of what the purpose of preaching is and what scripture expects preaching to be. it is a less about preaching styles and more about challenging the preacher to be well equipped with the word of god when he steps into the pulpit.

in light of eternity – randy alcorn
a book about what we can expect in heaven (based on what scripture tells us  (not experiences from people who died, had visions, etc.). where he uses scripture he does a great job of clearing away a lot of confusion and providing some much needed clarity. the only complaint i have is that alcorn, who has also authored several fiction books, uses many excerpts from those books to makes certain points. while those points and the truths that drive them may still be valid- it seemed to (unintentionally) undercut the authority and sufficiency of scripture in certain areas that i dont think we have to be (or can be) certain about.

forgotten god – francis chan
a book reminding us that the holy spirit is just as much god as the father and son. a much needed reminder and chan does a good job of creating a hunger for more of the holy spirit. like his book “crazy love” chan seems a bit unorganized in his thought and direction, ut when you are done reading the book you feel like you know a bit more and are encouraged to be more aware of teh person and work of teh spirit.