hungry?? professor grant horner has a meal plan for you...

i have recently stumbled upon an excellent bible reading plan. i have a terrible track record for the “reading through the bible in a year” plans, and i have long sought a plan that didn’t revolve around the calendar. recently prolific blogger tim challies highlighted this plan and i wanted to share it with you.  i highly encourage you to read his blog here and then go and download the document/ plan.

the plan, put together by professor grant horner of master’s seminary, will have you reading 10 chapters a day, all in different books of the bible. for an avg. reader, this would be about 45 -50 minutes a day. (could be done in one chunk or in 25- morning & 25 – at night). one of the unique parts of this plan is that since you are reading in 10 different places at varying lengths, your readings will never overlap or repeat themselves. the best part is that by maintaining this system, you are getting a steady and well rounded “diet” of scripture. professor horner writes:

the very best effect it has is rapid, broad-scale contextualizing across both testaments and all the different biblical genres. Did you know about all the similarities between Ecclesiastes and 2 Corinthians? How about the relationship between Deuteronomy and
Matthew? It is like no other system that way, and it provides constant variety (which humans love) as well as consistent conviction (which humans hate).

i really encourage you to go here and take a look– consider giving it a try for one month.