you might be surprised by how hard it is to find an image of the number "300" that is not a reference to the movie

i started this blog in june of 2005 while battling insomnia (a battle i seem to fight a few times a year) as a way to help myself empty my head in hopes of getting some sleep. some friends had been prompting me to start a blog a while before then, so i thought “why not” and started “the lowercase”. i never really thought anyone aside from those few friends and maybe my wife would read it.

well, it has been 5 and my last post (i realized randomly after the fact) was post number 300. in 5 yrs.i have come here 300 times to “empty my head” and, to date,  my little space of the internet has had nearly 30,000 visits (my mom comes here *a lot*).

there are so many bloggers out there who  post multiple times a day every day  and have literally thousands of visitors each day. this will never be one of those blogs, nor could i ever keep up with it if it were or have that many interesting things to say. but i do want to thank those of you who have been coming by for years and those who have only recently discovered this little “mind dump” of mine and its sporadic updates. if anyone has benefited at all from this little endeavor, then i’ll consider it at least as useful to society as reality television or “the snuggie”.-ok, i may be over estimating with the snuggie…

anyway, thanks for coming by when you do. may the lord be glorified by any good that is found here-past present or future….because if there is any, its all his fault.