i wish i had thought of this line...

i used to refer to “valentine’s day” as “singles awareness day” because that is what it seemed to do- point a big fat social finger at those who were not receiving flowers, candy, or cards on a day of mass marketing and money making.

i wasn’t bitter, really ( i was “brooding” through my early to mid twenties…). but when an entire culture spends a whole day saying what amounts to “you are special if you have someone to make a big deal about you”, it is hard not to feel a bit bruised around the ego. i think we often (usually unintentionally) inflict a bit of unnecessary pain on our single brothers and sisters (not to mention widows/widowers, divorced parties, the abandoned, abused, neglected, etc.) by sending a subtle message of “you can only truly be happy in life when you have someone making much of you”.

whether you are single or not your significance has nothing to do with whether or not you have a “significant other” on this day or any day. you were fearfully and wonderfully made. you are known by your creator, and he wants you to have the greatest pleasure available- which is found, not in your being made much of, but by drinking deep of the richness of his grace and your soul exhaling in satisfaction.