my sermon yesterday was from luke 2:1-20, and was titled “de-sanitizing christmas”.

from the introduction:

i doubt that there are few people, if anyone, here this morning who are antagonistic to the account of the coming of jesus- but i wonder, have we become so familiar with it that we have lost our affection for the real story- the unedited, de-sanitized true story of god wrapping himself in flesh and coming to this world as the savior? have we lost our sense of awe, wonder, and joy regarding the coming of jesus into the world? this morning i suggest that we will only arrive at and appreciate the true meaning of christmas when we de- sanitize the method, message, and meaning of the coming of jesus christ into the world

the method of his coming was not neat and pretty, the message of his coming was not trite and easily reduced to holiday slogans, and the meaning of his birth goes far beyond the baby in the manger. this morning let’s peel back the layers of tradition, political correctness and familiarity so that we may see this miracle for the gritty and breathtaking act of god that it is…

you can listen to the whole sermon here