don't be this house...

though i prefer to point people to a much better oct. 31st happening, this time of year, i came across a great blog post here concerning those who think participating in halloween is an endorsement of satan worship and baby eating. here is the conclusion.

[regarding the complaint] “It is not about the lights being on. Its not about giving out candy. Its about participating in the evil deeds of darkness. Don’t you know the roots of Halloween?”

Give me a break. Who have you been reading? Whoever it is, stop. First of all, how many kids do you know that are into witchcraft, Satan worship, or necromancy? What happened? Your eight-year-old was walking down the street in her witch costume and thought to herself:
“I suddenly feel myself tempted to say a chant and worship Satan”?

[reply] ‘No, it happens subtly. You know, like with Harry Potter.”

Yeah, that is right. In twenty-first century America, I can see how much satanism has grown because of Harry Potter and Halloween. Witchcraft is the primary thing that young kids are having to recover from. Its not sexual promiscuity, its not our greed or materialism, its not moms and dads who can’t demonstrate commitment and love, its not a compromise of the Gospel. Its witchcraft. Its our kids becoming ghosts on Halloween…(Oh, and one more thing. Don’t just give out tracts…Shame, shame. Give out the best candy in the neighborhood. Let people know that you are the house that is not cheap.)

you can read the whole thing here.

everyone is entitled to their opinion, and there is no bible verse on halloween, so we must be careful not to place the limits of our conscience on anyone else. but there is something to be said for exercising discernment while using such an obvious opportunity to be a light of the gospel in our dark world.

ht:  vitamin z