david robinson - head and shoulders above m.j. in more ways than one

david robinson - head and shoulders above m.j. in more ways than one

on his website, voddie baucham has written his thoughts on two very distinctly different speeches given by hall of fame basketball players david robinson and michael jordan.

i was a huge michael jordan fan. my bedroom throughout my teenage years was covered in no less than a dozen michael jordan posters. i watched every game i could on television. i even watched a game from twelve years ago on television the other night and i have on more than one occasion over teh past 11 years watched the last game of the 1998 finals that i recorded. and i mean watched the whole thing. time outs, halftime, everything

i actually got to see m.j. play in person once. my friend matt and i sat in near silence the whole time – watching his every move.

all of that to say this: it is extremely disappointing to read/ hear his speech. as baucham points out, it was self-serving, at times rude, and unflinchingly selfish. in contrast david robinson, who would probably admit with everyone else that m.j. was the greatest player ever, built up his family, his teammates, and other influences in his life.

michael jordan’s attitude and words at the induction do not take away from the fact that he was by far the most dominant player ever to play professional basketball. but they do point out that being excellent at something is no substitute for character, humility, and true gratitude.

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