be informed

full disclosure: i did not vote for obama. i do not like his ideology, nor most of his proposed methods of running the government. it has nothing to do with race, or that he ran as a democrat. i reject his worldview and his political ambitions, even so, scripture tells us to pray for our leaders and, insofar as they do not call us to support disobedience to the lord, to obey them.

there are a lot of things that obama has said regarding a lot of things that i completely disagree with and think he is missing the point. so i have no allegiance to him or his policies other than praying for him. but, i am not against everything he says or does, even if i do not yet know what it is.

unfortunately there are too many who will, no matter what, seek to see an evil plot in everything with his fingerprint. while i abhor his position on abortion, disagree with his views on health care, government involvement, and a host of other issues, i hope to at least seek to understand *what* he is saying before i decide what i think about it.

with his comments to public school children coming today, there are already a host of people who have already decided that they disagree with what he will say. based on the actual text of what he will say in his speech (w/out consideration of anything subsequently related to the president regarding lesson plans for dept. of education directives, etc.) i can celebrate what he is saying. i hope you will take the time to hear what he says before deciding what you think. part of being a responsible citizen (and christian) is being informed.
whether you like him or voted for him or not, pray for him- that we know we should do.

read the text of the speech here.