with all of the media coverage of recent celebrity deaths and their memorials, legacies, and cultural impact, i wanted to pass on the news of the death of someone you and most of the world have probably never heard of. i only heard of her a couple of months back- but what i heard and saw made a profound influence on me.

rachel barkey went home to be with the lord last week. she was only 37 yrs. old, and leaves behind a husband and 2 children. cancer had finally overcome her body and she died. be in prayer for her family as the hole left in their hearts and lives will be immense.

but as the talk she so bravely gaveat  just a few months ago reminds us, “death is not dying”. when we breath our last breath and are put in a box and covered with dirt- we will continue to exist- either in the presence of the lord in utter joy or enduring unimaginable but deserved torment for eternity. the one true god who demonstrated his love for us by sending jesus christ to pay for our sins so that we can be with him forever extends the call to repent and believe to everyone. we will all die – but none will cease to exist.

here is a link to the talk she gave at a women’s conference a short while ago.it was supposed to be a gathering for about 40 women, but the attendance ended up being over 600 and the audio and video of the talk has blazed a trail through cyber space. rachel’s talk wasn’t flashy, she wasn’t a professional speaker- but what came out of her mouth and the way in which she it said has stirred thousands.

 i guarantee you that you will be glad you spent 55 minutes watching/listening to this “ordinary” woman talk about her extradorinary god- knowing while she is speaking she has only weeks to live. she dispells any notion of her faith being “just a cructh” to deal with her looming death.

click here and be blessed

ht: justin taylor