according to a recent survey of nearly 2,000 professing christians from all 48 states of the continental u.s., almost half of them deny essential beliefs of the christian faith.

according to the survey conducted by the barna group:

  • nearly 40% “strongly agreed” and 20% agreed “somewhat” that the holy spirit is a symbol of god’s power, but not a living entity
  • more than 20% “strongly” agreed that jesus christ sinned while on earth. and other 17% agreed “somewhat”.
  • only 55% agreed that the bible is accurate in all of the principles that it teaches, which leaves 45% who do not.
  • 40 % “strongly agreed” that satan is not a living being, but merely a “symbol of evil”.
  • 38% stated that either their faith/beliefs have had little or no significant change or impact on their lives.

the study also noted these inconsistencies:

  • About half (47%) of the Christians who believed that Satan is merely a symbol of evil nevertheless agreed that a person can be under the influence of spiritual forces such as demons.
  • About half (49%) of those who agreed that the Holy Spirit is only a symbol but not a living entity also agreed that the Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches, even though the Bible clearly describes the Holy Spirit as more than a symbolic reference to God’s power or presence.
  • About one-third (33%) of the self-defined Christians who agree that the Bible, Koran and Book of Mormon all teach the same truths simultaneously contend that the Bible is totally accurate in its principles, even though the three sacred books have very different ideas about truth, salvation, and the nature of God.

  • what this shows is is yet another example of how we as the church, and as individual christians must be clear that being a christian is not open to interpretation. it is not a social demographic. it is not a religion to be modified to suit ones needs. there are basic, and non-negotiable aspects of christianity, that if compromised necessarily and effectively make whatever the person believes “un” christian.

    according to the survey, there are people who claim to be christians but deny the deity of the holy spirit, deny the sinlessness of christ, deny the reality of satan, and that the bible is not accurate in at least some of what it teaches. no wonder some of these people claim that there “faith” has had little or no impact on their life! who would submit their life to a sinful savior who promised the holy spirit who does not exist to help them fight against a satan that isnt real- all of which they learned from a book they do not believe!

    when you remove the fundamental and foundational aspects of the gospel from the faith, it crumbles. this is not confused christianity- it is no christianity at all. may the lord help his church, and the individuals who are the church, fight to contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints.