i try to stay away from politics for the most part, though i did venture in a bit in the last election cycle. but i could not, *not* pass this video clip on.

it comes from a sermon by pastor john piper, who very publicly said he wept for joy at president obama’s election and inauguration. he has not publicly said if he voted for obama, but has said that his weeping was because a country who’s very recent past includes aggregious sins against an entire race of people had just elected a man who even less than 50 yrs. ago would have been refused service or food, or even to use a restroom or water fountain because of his skin color.

so keep this in mind as you watch/listen to this short clip. these are not the words of a man who is angry that obama is president. these are the words of a man who wept for joy over him. knowing that makes his words all the more bold and chilling.

may the lord work a mighty miracle in our presidents heart.