justin taylor has an excellent post that should cause all christians everywhere (particularly protestants) to rejoice and praise god for how he works through mere men and women. i will simply repost his post here in hopes that you will read it/watch it in full and give god the glory.



488 years ago, April 17-18, Martin Luther stood trial at the Diet [formal assembly] of Worms [a small town on the river Rhine in present-day Germany). (It’s properly pronounced, I believe, something like “DEE-et of Voerms,” not “DIE-et of Wirms.”)

On the 17th Luther was asked whether certain writings were his and if he would revoke them as heretical. He asked for time to compose his answer–he prayed for long hours and consulted with friends, and returned the next day to give his famous answer.

You can see some extracts from his response–or watch below the scene from the 2003 movie, Luther: