i am finally getting settled in to my new home, office, and church. i did not immediately have internet at home (and i am waiting for my office computer to come in). if anyone is still checking in here, thank you for your patience.

my last post was regarding “what is the gospel?” and today i wanted to post what i had printed in our church’s bulletin last week to go along with my sermon on romans 5:1-11.

“what is the gospel?”

the gospel is the good news that,
because of the great love and mercy of god,
we, a sinful and undeserving people,
who are by nature enemies of god deserving his wrath,
can be reconciled to god
by faith in the life, death, and resurrection of jesus christ,
and can rejoice in god,
enjoying a right relationship with him forever. (rom. 5:1-2,6-11)