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after my yearly gushing about “behold the lamb of god”  it occurred to me to check out  you-tube for clips- and “behold”… what did i find? 5 full songs taken from a filming at the ryman in 2004. it will never do it justice to hear /see it via you tube, but i hope this will whet your appetite enough to buy the c.d.

here are 5 samples from andrew peterson and friends presenting “behold the lamb of god” – all songs by andrew peterson, performed by peterson, derek webb, jill phillips, andy gullahorn, and others…

1.) the show opens with “gather round ‘ye children, come” that sets the stage for this “true tall tale”



2.) “deliver us”– derek webb sings the lament of israel who have been delivered out of slavery in egypt only to find themselves in bondage to their own sin and rebellion…longing for a messiah to deliver them.


3.) always a crowd favorite, andrew peterson sings “matthew’s begats”,the genealogy at the beginning of matthew- from memory!


4.) “labor of love” – one of the most well written songs i have ever heard, and jill phillips with her husband, andy gullahorn, make it come alive. i dare you to listen to this w/out distraction and not cry tears of gratitude and joy.

5.) the next to last song, “behold the lamb of god” brings it all together- bringing our attention to the fact that “the lamb who takes away the sins of the world” did not first appear to john the baptist, but entered into history a baby, who would live and die, and live again to save his people.

as wonderful as these clips are, the sum is much greater than the parts
order the c.d. and/or dvd here and hear the whole thing…12 songs in all.