if i haven’t already, let me go on record by stating that i find most church signs with “life messages” pretty ridiculous. many of them are awful, a lot are tacky, and some are even harmful.

i present to you exhibit a:

this is a real church sign, from a church in ohio.
in defense of its “message”, pastor dave allison said

“It’s not something that is really a shock if you’re a scriptural person…
We meant that as a loving warning to teens. … The Scriptures tell us
that you should not do what the song tells you to do. The Scriptures
are not ambiguous on this issue.”

a loving warning to teens? seriously?

is homosexuality a sin?

will this message on a sign show anyone the error of their ways and point them to christ who is the forgiver of sins?

probably not.

will this sign contribute to the mindset of many that the church is a source of hatred rather than the possessor of the message of love through the gospel?

probably so.

another “winner” i have seen

“stop drop and roll doesn’t work in hell”

if your church has a sign, please use it in a helpful and not harmful way. post your times for services or special events. post bible verses (in context) pertaining to the gospel. but don’t be a stumbling block. (and almost as bad… don’t be cheesey)

don’t be stupid with your church sign.