this makes no sense, and neither did obama's version of "christianity" in the following interview

this makes no sense, and neither did obama

barack obama is our president -elect ,so we should pray for him and avoid all sinful actions in regard to him – no spreading of gossip or rumors, no racial slurs, no harbored hatred in our hearts. we do not have to like his policies, but we can also support the ones that are worth supporting.

having said that, i want to be clear, this post has very little to do with obama, and everything to do with what he is saying. i do not think our hope as a nation lies with a christian president or legislating our faith. the reason i am posting this is to further demonstrate how easily and how often “christianity” is defined in the media and in our culture as so many other things than what christianity is.

in a 2004 interview, shortly after gaining the nomination for the u.s. senate, obama gave this interview about his faith. [i first mentioned this interview back in june, read that post here] read the whole interview here.

in it, obama, who describes himself as “christian” denies the exclusivity of christ, denies a literal hell for unbelievers, expresses his discomfort/(disagreement?) with evangelizing the lost, and explains how he can make no claim of knowing what happens when he dies (as in a “literal” heaven or an earthly reward).

there is much that is troubling in this interview. again, nothing that disqualifies him from being president, and again, that is not my point here. my point is, the label “christian” is being so broadened and watered down as to be utterly unrecognizable from the historic christian faith. it is not just obama, it is also the countless numbers of professed christians who are not interviewed about their faith, but live, interact, and teach to others a “christianity” that is false. perhaps they don’t realize what they are doing, but that doesn’t make it any less deadly.

we can no longer simply refer to ourselves as “christian” and assume everyone knows what we mean or assumes the same thing we mean. we must be clear about what it is we believe. we must stand firm on the non-negotiables. at bare minimum, a christian must affirm the scriptures teaching on

  • who god is (the only god, creator and sustainor of all things, 
    who has eternally existed as father, son, and spirit, )
  • the human condition (fallen, enemies of god deserving of his wrath)
  • the reality and penalty of sin (all have sinned and deserve an eternity in a literal hell)
  • the deity, life, death, and resurrection of christ (“god with us” who came to bear the payment of sin and who defeated sin and death on behalf of everyone who believes)
  • what salvation is and is not (it is by the grace of god through faith in jesus christ alone, not by works or any other way or name than christ)

any true christian, whether they be baptist, methodist, presbyterian,
anglican – whatever, must affirm the basic beliefs of christianity, otherwise they are not a christian.

i do not presume to be able to know the heart of barack obama, but there is no evidence in the answers he gave in this interview that he is a christian. that is not being judgemental- that is simply taking him at his word. so i will pray that he will lead our country well, and i will pray that if he has not repented and believed the gospel of jesus christ(who is the son of the one true god, who came to save sinners from a literal hell, and is the only way to salvation) that he will indeed.