if you were to use the search feature on this website and enter “andrew peterson”, you would see that i have long been a fan of his music. his “love and thunder” and “behold the lamb of god” albums are two of the most played albums in my rather large c.d. collection. the way he weds music and lyric can only be described as a gift.

well, i am pleased to announce, he has done it again. resurrection letters, vol. II is due out october 21. 

the best part is that you can listen to the entire album on-line for free here and read the ideas and thougts behind each song as you listen to them here. (when at the site, look to the tool bar on the right of the page for links to each song)

my early favorites are “all things new” and “the good confession”

you can also read andrew’s explanation about the album as a whole and why “vol. II” is
coming before “vol. I” here. (scroll up to the top of the page)

order now and get 2 copies of the c.d for $15! one for you and one to share with someone you know who needs an incredible album of music that is good for the soul. (and… its an easy way to get some christmas shopping done for one person)

i don’t consider myself a salesman, but if i were, i would give away my commission for you to bring the music of andrew peterson into your life.