apparantly, there are christians who **still** believe that salvation is only in jesus christ, and that failure to place your faith in him results in hell.

they haven’t yet moved on, are not up to date, and are even still preaching it!

can you believe THAT ???
[/end sarcasm]

apparantly, there are some people who can’t.

newsweek columnist lisa miller, writing about the pastor of sarah palin says:

The senior pastor of that church, in sermons that
circulated online before they were taken down last week,
preaches hell for anyone who isn’t saved by Jesus.
America does not know enough yet about what Palin
personally believes, but her church background—she
now worships at a nondenominational Bible church—puts
her squarely in the tradition of the old-school religious right.

the exclusivity of the gospel is one of the non-negotiable tenants of historic christianity. that some who call themselves “christians” have abandoned this clear teaching of jesus (“christ” from which the term “christian” derives its name) should be the oddity, but unfortunately, in the day of  “everyone is right, no one is wrong” religious salad bar (mis) labled “tolerance”, the ones who continue to believe as historic orthodox christianity has always taught are singled out as the weird ones.

what are those who call themselves believers being “saved from” if there is no hell?

for further reading and insight on this “newsworthy” finding:
al mohler- president of the southern baptist theological seminary writes
“alert the media, a pastor believes in hell”

HT: denny burk