a friend recently sent me an article from a charismatic magazine about “evangelist” and healer todd bentley. if you haven’t heard of bentley before, he is at the center of the controversy that started in lakeland florida where for the better part of 4 months he was part of a purported “revival” and outpouring of the holy spirit.

once championing bentley, the article and the charismatic world are now left wondering “how could we have all been mislead?”

none of us are immune to making bad judgments, but the evidence that bentley was not to be trusted wasn’t exactly hard to find.

a 2008 msnbc article writes:
Bentley claims that God has used him to supernaturally
heal hundreds of people of diseases ranging from glaucoma
to diabetes to even cancer.

however, when asked by media outlets to provide the documentation that his ministry claims to have, no satisfactory proof has been given.

bentley made an appearance earlier this summer in louisville where thousands flocked to hear him “preach” and see him “heal”. while he was here, and even before, many people sought to warn others of the dangers of a man who claims that he talks to angels and healed people by landing blows on and sometimes tackling them. still others vehemently defended him.

however, in recent days his ministries’ website states that bentley has left his wife due to an “unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff”, he has been asked by the members of the board at “fresh fire ministries” to step down from his position on the Board of Directors and to refrain from all public ministry for a season to receive counsel in his personal life.”

i do not glory in bentley’s moral failure. i do not rejoice that he has a wife and three children that are hurting and have been betrayed. but i do rejoice that perhaps because of recent events he will be seen as a false prophet and those who placed their faith in this man will realize the folly of hoping in anyone other than christ.

while i am not suggesting that bentley is any worse than any other fallen evangelist, i very much am suggesting that it should not have taken adultery to cause so many people to question his validity as a prophet and healer of god.

so many of us know people who turn to people like bentley, whether it is benny hinn or some other false teacher on t.b.n or at the bookstore. they turn to them as their source of hope, healing, connection with god-their spiritual nourishment.

this is a serious matter, and one we should not take lightly. it should challenge us to be in the word daily and to know why we believe what we believe so that when confronted with these errors we can help others see why placing our hope and faith in anything or anyone other than jesus christ and the word of god as revealed in scripture is nothing short of poison, no matter how attractive the packaging.