[note: at the top of this website are a set of links providing some information and resources. one of those links is for suggested resources. as a pastor i am often asked what books i would recommend on certain topics- so i have added a recommended reading section. from time to time i will be discussing and giving away a copy of the books from the recommended reading list]

mark dever has spent the majority of his time in ministry focusing on the church. as the pastor of capitol hill baptist church in washington d.c., dever is able to put his work and study into immediate action. he is a graduate from duke university, and he also holds a master of divinity from gordon-conwell theological seminary, a masters of theology from the southern baptist theological seminary, and a ph.d. in ecclesiastical history from cambridge.

i would recommend many of dever’s books, but if you only read one, i would recommend this one- what is a healthy church ?

here is the book description from the publisher:

What is an ideal church, and how can you tell?

How does it look different from other churches? More importantly, how does it act differently, especially in society? Many of us aren’t sure how to answer those questions, even though we probably have some preconceived idea. But with this book, you don’t have to wonder any more.

Author Mark Dever seeks to help believers recognize the key characteristics of a healthy church: expositional preaching, biblical theology, and a right understanding of the gospel. Dever then calls us to develop those characteristics in our own churches. By following the example of New Testament authors and addressing church members from pastors to pew sitters, Dever challenges all believers to do their part in maintaining the local church. What Is a Healthy Church? offers timeless truths and practical principles to help each of us fulfill our God-given roles in the body of Christ.

i have given a copy of this book to every family in the church that i pastor. it is by far one of the most beneficial and informative books out there on what a church is supposed to be.  at only 128 pages, it is an easy and quick read that will greatly benefit anyone who reads it.

leave a comment (no need to sign up for anything to leave a comment) if you would like a copy of this book. if there are multiple requests i will enter all names in a drawing and choose one, notifying the winner in the comment section.