welcome to the new home of the lowercase!

look around at some of the features on the top and sides of the site. in addition to being easier for me, hopefully the site will be easier for you to navigate. all of the posts and comments from the old site are here for you to look through. there is an archive system as well as a search feature.

you do not have to sign up for any kind of account or service to leave a comment. as always, comments are encouraged, so feel free to respond as much as you want.
(i reserve the right to delete anonymous posts or comments with foul or abusive languageĀ if necessary)

i first started a blog in the summer of 2005 during one of my recurring bouts of insomnia.

3 years, 200 posts, and over 20,000 visits later, i have moved from blogger.com over to wordpress. for various reasons, all of which i am sure you do not care about, i think this will be a better fit.

so please change any bookmarks, feeds, links, etc. to reflect the new address:

so, welcome to thelowercase! make yourself at home.