do you know anything about…

open theism?

what about the emergent church movement?

the “new perspective” on paul?

all of these are hot button theological issues swirling around the church today.

one teaches that god does not know the future and does not have total control over the universe.

another teaches that the traditional understanding of “justification by faith alone” has been misunderstood for over 500 years.

sound unbelievable? surely no true christian would believe these… much less teach these things, right?

well… be careful what you buy in your local christian bookstore. if you’re not careful you could be buying a book written by a proponent of open theism, the new perspective, the emergent church, etc.

the term “christian” has become so broad that i literally shudder to think of what people may purchase in a bookstore that they think is safe.

i intend to devote my next few posts to these issues and others. if you have any topics you would like to discuss or to understand a little better, please feel free to leave it in the comment section.
(by the way.. leaving comments does *not* require you to sign up for anything or cause you to start getting spam. you do not have to register to leave comments… i know some have had that concern)