less than 200 yards from my house is a large church building. i have nothing against large church buildings. no matter what the size, as long as the gospel is proclaimed and the god who is worshipped is the one true god, it matters little if the building seats thousands or barely 100, as my own does.

the size of this church is not what bothers me. what does bother me is that this past sunday, they cancelled their morning “worship services” and instead showed the movie “evan almighty”. if thats not enough, you had to pay to get in.

set aside for a moment whether or not the movie itself is worth seeing. i have no idea, i haven’t seen it, though i have said i would like to. whether or not the movie is good or not isn’t the point.

the point is this. what in the world does it say about our view of god and his deservingness of our worship when we cancel services said aside to corporately proclaim his glory and majesty and to spend time in his word in order to show a movie?

what does it tell church members about the priority of the leadership? what does it tell visitors about the god the church claims to worship and his holiness? what does it say to the lost about the need for christ? what does it say to the community about the value of this church’s worship?

i am not anti-hollywood. i am not anti “evan almighty”. but i am anti trivialization of the worship of the holy and mighty god of the universe who demands that we worship him in spirit and in truth – not in technicolor, surround sound and high definition.

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HT: ron kinzel