i tried. i made promises that i would not post anything about this.

but upon hearing the news that paris hilton was released from prison after only 3 days of her jail sentence that was originally over 40 days, i cant not say anything anymore.

but i am not going to talk about how her celebrity status may or may not have given her special treatment

i am not going to talk about how she may or may not think she is above the law.

i am not going to talk about how fair or unfair it is that she is released from prison based upon undefined “medical reasons” when she was healthy going in.

i am not going to talk about these things.

what i do want to point out is how this latest paris moment is a type (i said *type*) of picture of the gospel.

paris was found guilty and given a sentence. yet today she walked out of prison, relatively free. (she is under house arrest for about a month)

my initial reaction was frustration, bordering on a small scale outrage. she was found to be guilty and the punish for guilt for her crimes was forty days in prison. she had already gotten her sentence reduced and was given a private cell out of the community of other inmates. yet she still gets out after three days.

how is this fair?

well, its not. but consider this.

you and i are sinners. the sentence for being a sinner is eternal separation from god, enduring his wrath for eternity in hell.

yet anyone who places their faith in christ not only has their sentence reduced, but has it thrown out and instead is given “…every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places” (eph. 1)

jesus christ, the only completely innocent party in all eternity has taken on the sentence of death for all who place their faith in him.

how is this fair?

well, its not. it is the amazing grace of god.

is paris’ situation a display of grace or a manipulation of the system? we may never get an honest answer, but i have my assumptions.

but with this being such a hot news topic, what if when we find ourselves in a situation where it is being discussed, we use paris hilton as a starting point to talk about the gospel of jesus christ?