after i posted yesterday, i saw where there are a few other people posting about derek webb and his music around the blogosphere, so i will hold off for awhile.

i will recommend his music to you, though.

if you only buy one album of his, track down his live recording, “the house show”. this is an album of derek while he was on tour playing in peoples living rooms with no sound systems. there was a lot of dialogue and teaching times and the album is a good mix of music with brief commentaries between songs. this is an excellent introduction to derek and his music.

then you should follow that album up with his album about the church, “she must and shall go free.”

maybe one day we will make it back to this topic.

for now, spend the time you would have been reading a longer post praying for the people of the virginia tech community. not only the victims family and friends, but for the family of the shooter as well. also pray for the believers in that community that the lord would give them much grace, wisdom, and discernment as they minister to the hurting people around them.
above all, lets pray that the lord will receive glory and honor out of this situation. we may not know how that will happen, but if we believe scripture, we believe he is worthy at all times.