between getting books for christmas, and buying books for class (i am in my second class of j-terms), i wanted to give a quick list of books that i think would be helpful and beneficial for anyone who reads them. most of these aren’t very long, but are well worth the time spent reading through them.

in no particular order:

knowing god – j.i. packer

the cross centered life – c.j. mahaney (small 90 page hardcover)

the dangerous duty of delight – john piper (small 90 page hardcover)

according to plan – grahme goldsworthy

the holiness of god – r.c. sproul

chosen by god – r.c. sproul

putting amazing back into grace – michael s. horton (despite his chapter on baptism.. the rest of the book is great)

after darkness, light: essays in honor of r.c. sproul – r.c. sproul jr. -editor

if you find yourself in the mood to buy a few books, even for leisure reading, consider getting one of these to add to your spiritual development in this new year.

any other suggestions are welcome!