being in seminary, often times i will go long periods of time without being confronted with the fact the we live in a country with people who are not only not believers, but openly hostile to our faith.
i encourage you to read this article by al mohler at the washington post website. then take the time to read the responses. it is eye opening and heart breaking.

but rather than it driving us to dismiss the real people who typed those remarks, may it drive us to prayer that we may be used to bring the gospel to those around us, and that god would open their hearts to recieve the truth.
and may we think hard on this; that while we are no better , no more intelligent, or at all any more deserving than those who responded so angrily to dr. mohler, god opened *our* hearts, by his grace.
may this reality drive us to our knees and flood our hearts and lives with humility and thanksgiving.

read the article and comments here