in california, washington, arizona, and other places such as oregon, wyoming, and south carolina, schools are banning games such as “tag” and “dodgeball”, because they may be damaging to self esteem, and may be too physically dangerous for their young students. (click links for full stories)

so, the moral? don’t let your kids feelings get hurt by being “it”, being “tagged”, being called out, or being picked last for a team.

this will keep our children “safe”.

also, teach them to be “safe” when they have pre-marital sex , and that they can have an abortion if they have an unwanted pregnancy.
this makes our children “open”, “free”, and “individual”, and are all much better alternatives than being closed minded and prudish.

lets recap…dodgeball, tag, etc. may cause hurt feelings, scrapes and bruises.

premarital sex can lead to s.t.d.’s, emotional baggage and scarring, possible decisions to kill an unborn baby, with all of the later guilt and emotional trauma to the mother, and single parent homes.

now go be safe!!!