christi and i had a doctor visit yesterday, and in less than 7 months, (around may 25), we are going to be parents. need less to say, we are very excited and are looking forward to the coming months, as well as the coming years.
we had a miscarriage in the spring, and since that time, the lord sustained us and increased our faith in him and his care. now he has blessed us with this great news.

the lord is indeed faithful, but not because he has given us a child. he would be faithful if we were never able to have children of our own. he is faithful in that he promises to bring to himself all of his children, and to never leave them or forsake them. he is gracious in that he has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. he has given us the gift of his son.

so may we never dare suggest that he has not given us everything if he doesnt give us our every want. our knowledge is limited, our desires our shortsighted, and often tainted with sin. but our lord is holy, and all knowing, and good. he gives us himself, and in him, we have everything.

we praise him for this pregnancy and pray that he will give christi a safe and trouble free pregnancy and delivery, that our child will be born whole and without complication, and grow up strong and in the lord. but we pray more that we would daily be satisfied in him, so that if all else were to fall away, we would still stand firm and proclaim that we have everything in christ.