from justin taylor’s blog:(a blog i highly recommend for everyone to read everyday)

At Crossway, our vision is bold—we want
everyone to have God’s Word.
Everyone in your family. All of your friends

and co-workers. Everyone who comes in
contact with your church. Everyone in your
community. Everyone.
Our passion is to spread God’s Word

around the world and to see whole
communities affected by the life-changing
gospel that is so clearly communicated in it.
That’s why we created the ESV Outreach

New Testament that you can purchase and
give away for only $.50 a copy!
This limited-time offer is only available

through Christian bookstores.
Find a Christian bookstore in your area.
This full-size New Testament includes features

to help newcomers read and understand it better:
“What the New Testament Is All About.”
Introductions to each New Testament book.
“How to Read the New Testament.”

A basic guide for getting started.
“Where to Find Help When You Are…”

Leads you to the Bible’s answers to your needs.
“What the New Testament Says About…”

A guide to key Bible verses and words.
“Getting Started: A Thirty-Day Reading Plan.”

A perfect way for newcomers to dig in.
“Six-Month New Testament Reading Plan.”

Ideal for readers who want to get serious.
“God’s Plan to Save You.” The plan of salvation,

clearly outlined from New Testament verses.
The ESV’s accurate, readable, and beautiful text

is ideal for all readers who receive it.
Imagine the people you can reach with this beautiful

and meaningful gift. For the cost of a cup of gourmet coffee,
you can give copies to six or eight people
who need God’s Word. The impact in their lives
will be eternal. Think creatively about how you
might be able to distribute dozens or even hundreds
of copies of the ESV Outreach New Testament:
Together we can spread the Word!

—God’s Word—to people who need it.

consider doing this… for less than a can of dr. pepper, and for 1/3 the amount of a cup of columbia narino supremo coffe, you can give someone a copy of god’s word.