singer/songwriter andrew osenga makessome brilliant observations on his blog about fear in the christian media. here is an excerpt, i strongly encourage you to read the whole thing at

What’s been really interesting is how the buzz word in all of these
advertisements is “safe”. This is a “safe” station, watch
our “safe” TV channel or use our “safe” web browser.
It even gets into things like “a ’safe’ place to buy
a car” or a “’safe’ online singles community” you know,
to meet that “safe” significant other when the Saturday
night service has dried up.
It’s been shocking to me to see how often this word gets used.
It’s obvious that marketing dollars are being spent to get this
word associated with products, and that only happens because
the market research shows that people are looking for that
identity with said product.
And I’m left with the question: what are we afraid of?
What is it that has us, or at least this demographic, so scared?
This is a radio station for believers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The one who told us to have no fear. “There is no fear in love”,
He said, “perfect love drives out fear.” Over and over, Jesus tells
us that we have nothing to be afraid of. We are held tightly in His
hand. Bombs may fall, disease may ravage, our innocence
will be plundered, our stocks will crash. These things don’t
matter. We are new creations with the living God within us.
Death has no sting!

Why, then, must our radio be “safe”??