ive been in summer classes for 3 weeks now. one more to go and i am taking the month of july off (from school.. not work)

over lunch this week, my friend freddy (www.freddytandsusan.blogspot.com) were talking about comments left on blogs. my friend john and i were also discussing a stream of comments left on another blog that numbered well over the one hundred mark for one controversial “post”.

these conversations on “comments” made me realize the amount of comments (in person) and conversations , as well as emails i get regarding this blog. i appreciate them all and thank you for stopping by. i am also finding out , in very random ways, that more people read this than i realize. so dont be afraid to post a comment and let me know who you are. (it makes me less paranoid that way…)

it is my intention to start posting more frequently, as an excercise in discipline for myself mostly, possibly as often as once a week. so feel free to use the comment link on this site for discussion and interaction. i know that there are people reading who could have a lot to add, and possibly correct. interaction can be good and healthy, and i would love for this to be a place that promotes that.
or, if you would rather, keep emailing me and calling, or bringing it up over lunch. either way, thanks for dropping by.