i am typing this post timidly due to a fractured elbow i sustained in my basketball league game sunday. the swelling and pain have reduced rapidly over the last day or so, and the orthopedic surgeon says everything should be just fine in about 6-8 weeks, with the normal range of motion returning in 7-10 days. it doesnt really hurt to type, its just kind of uncomfortable.

fortunately, i had already planned on posting the link to the website i mentioned a few posts back. it just launched today, and will come out with a new “issue” every 3 months, much like a quarterly newsletter. the address is www.justthesimpletruth.com

i havent personally read every entry, so i am not necessairily endorsing every view that may be presented, but i know some of the people behind the scenes and know that their intentions are honorable.

i hope you will check out the website . check back every three months for a new issue.

and if you are insanely bored, you can compare the initial essay i wrote (found below under “dr. phil”) and what actually made it onto the website after the ‘editing’ process.

have a great week, and i plan on being back next week.

grace and peace,