well, its the new year- again.

its amazing what all transpired in 2005 that seems like the span of a few months.

and that’s all im going to say about the new year. no reminiscing, no resolutions, no regrets, no … anything else that starts with “r”.

we still don’t have internet at our new house (they are supposed to come wednesday), so i am writing this at work in between phone calls… so there will probably be more typo’s than usual.

i have been excited about the “next post” because i read an article in an issue of the “tennessee baptist and reflector” that immediately caused my mind to start spinning with anticipation to write about it.

but, alas, during our move, the paper was lost (probably thrown away) and i can’t even find it on-line.

what that means is, is that i won’t write about it because i don’ want to be inaccurrate or misrepresent what was written. hopefully i will find a copy of it soon.

as of next wednesday, i should be back to writing more regularly. i appreciate the emails and such that come and let me know that you are finding this place useful. im looking forward to discussing lots of things once im back “online”

and im also looking for that paper….